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Liberty Home Reintegration Program

The reintegration program is optional after having finished a primary program. In this section we will focus on the clients being healthy and productive to themselves and society. We will give tools and opportunities to develop a volunteer job, a hobby or a vocation. This is strictly supervised and approved by the therapeutic team. We still offer an extensive therapeutic programme during the week, which focuses on relapse prevention as well as effective means on conquering triggers and cravings. One-to-one sessions will still be done on a weekly basis in order to have a good follow up of the client’s reintegration back into society.


  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with counsellor
  • Therapeutic duties & cooking
  • Peer-driven serenity groups
  • 1 community group
  • 1 therapy groups
  • Volunteer work (individual program)
  • 1 Informative lectures about addiction (neuroscience, denial, symptoms, disease model, resentments, 12-steps)
  • 1 Relapse prevention group
  • Physical activity (individual program)
  • 12-steps step work & meetings (3 times a week)

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After-care program

After having completed the primary program or the reintegration program we strongly suggest to follow an outpatient aftercare program that includes a one-on-one session with your counsellor on a weekly basis or once every two weeks.  If the client is from overseas, we can perfectly arrange the sessions by Skype. We also offer in the after care one lecture a week, followed by a share on Wednesday Evenings.

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