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Liberty Home Primary Program

Liberty House offers an inpatient action based-recovery program focusing on the holistic (emotional, spiritual, physical and mental) recovery from substances and a healthy realistic integration back into society. Our fundamental approach is to offer a safe and quiet environment to addicts where the basic principles of house holding will need to be applied on a daily basis.

Our main purpose is to help with the re-integration back into society and all that this entails.

Addicts are at their most vulnerable in the first ninety days, for this reason we offer a three-month program. Own experience has shown that one-month is not long enough to settle a solid basis of behavioural change. For this reason we have implemented 2 six-week programmes.

 In the first six weeks we will focus on breaking the denial that is present within them. We will implement routine and structure. In addition, to break the selfishness of addiction, we implement community activities, informative lectures, one-to-one with addiction specialists, counsellors and a psychologist, compulsory volunteer work and healthy living (walks/running’s/surfing/mountain hikes).

In primary care the client is under 24-hour supervision and the full program is compulsory.

There will be a psychiatric nurse during the day and professional transport available to take the client wherever if necessary.

The main entry requirement that is non-negotiable is that if the client is intoxicated and in medical danger (assessed by a medical doctor) the said individual must first undergo a detox at a registered facility or under the guidance of a doctor. This rule applies directly (without exceptions) to persons afflicted by alcohol, benzodiazepine or opiate usage.


  • One-on-one sessions with addiction specialist, counsellors, psychologist, peers of the community…
  • Therapeutic duties & cooking
  • Peer-driven serenity groups
  • Community groups
  • Therapy groups
  • Volunteer work (twice a week with humans & animals)
  • Informative lectures about addiction (neuroscience, denial, symptoms, disease model, resentments, 12-steps)
  • Relapse prevention group
  • Goal setting group
  • Physical activity (walks along beach, hikes, meditation…)
  • Creative/music/spiritual group
  • Family conjoins
  • Daily Step work and written work

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