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Liberty Home works with Dr Sonia Fattah, a medical practitioner from Canada who has experience and understanding around addiction and the severity thereof. Dr Fattah resides and practices in Blouberg, close to our facility.






Liberty Home utilises the world’s first neuropsychological addiction assessment, the WhyAddicted Organic Score Card (WOSC), as a critical element of ensuring all client programmes are bespoke.  Incorporating this tool into our treatment and integration programmes has significantly improved recovery rates and reduced the incidence of relapse.

Our clients complete a simple 20 minute on-line questionnaire as part of their admission, which generates a neuropsychological map, identifying fundamental and specific recovery blocks within the brain.  WOSC utilises similar methodologies to psychometric testing, only at a deeper level.  The results of the assessment are fed back to the client and their dedicated Liberty Home counsellor in a 90 minute appointment, within the first few days of their arrival with us. WOSC generates insights that empowers team with specific information that we use to tailor programmes individually.  Brain chemistry alters over time and WOSC can track the impact of treatment and recovery, providing positive affirmation of our recovery progress and highlighting residuals blocks that need more work. To this end we encourage all clients to incorporate a subscription to quarterly WOSC refreshes as part of our aftercare programme and their recovery maintenance.

WOSC utilises a scientifically accredited assessment process originally developed in Holland and exclusively adapted by for addiction screening. WOSC originated from the knowledge that the likelihood of positive growth and sustainable recovery is enhanced, if individuals can address specific drivers for their addictive behaviours and remove the blocks which are prevalent.

WOSC maps the intrinsic talents, ambitions, motivations and growth possibilities of participants. This enables our counsellors to explain a client is currently functioning from his or her core being and what options he or she has to change to live a better life.  All behaviour comes from awareness aspects of identity, environment and time. It is universal and ancient as this trichotomy appears in European as well as Chinese philosophy. It is ancient, because this trichotomy has been used by philosophers and scientists since the time of Jeremiah. Its developers undertook a significant amount of research on the universality and historical origins of this methodology. The classifications used in WOSC therefore seem to be deeply rooted in man; the inescapable origin of every form of behaviour. This helps to explain why integrating WOSC into Liberty Home programmes is having a significant, powerful and sustainable impact on client recovery rates and forms a critical part of our holistic and bespoke approach to each and every client.

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