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Liberty Sober Home and Rehab in Cape Town

Homely – Affordable – Action-based – 12 steps – Community & Individual – International – Own Experience

There are a number of drug rehabilitation centres in Cape Town promising recovery to those afflicted with addiction. However not every rehab in Cape Town is created equally. Our fundamental approach is based on decades of experience in the understanding that addiction can only be conquered through action. We offer a realistic solution to recovery through a combination of therapy, life skills and action-based activities.
Experience has also shown us that people afflicted with the disease of addiction struggle with the concept of having fun without the use of drugs. For that reason we have chosen to integrate physical outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, bowling, go-karting etc.
In order to achieve full self-actualization in recovery, there are 3 fundamental requirements:
Vocation, support & hobbies.
If any of these are missing then the chance of relapse significantly increases.
Addiction has nothing to do with the quantity or severity of use; it’s about ‘how happy are you sober?’ Addiction is a disease, a disease has three main characterises; it is symptomatic, progressive & deadly.  Unlike conventional diseases, the symptoms do not only manifest physically, but the majority are behavioural. These include, but are not limited to: lying, isolation, manipulation, cheating, loss of family & friends, loss of work, financial issues, etc. No matter what the addiction, the symptoms do not discriminate. Abstinence is not enough! Without fundamental change in respect to behaviour, the disease will always manifest and change from one to another.
Addiction is the only disease that will tell the person afflicted that they do not have it. Therefore there is a massive element of denial that must be broken in order to promote recovery.
We understand through our own experiences that people did not talk themselves into addiction. Talking alone will not alleviate it in any way on a long-term basis. Action is required.
Liberty Home treats the following addictions, by professional qualified social workers and people that share the same experience in the past:

  • Alcohol
  • Narcotics – Cocaine, Speed/Methamphetamine/Tik, Cat, Ketamine, Marijuana/Weed, GHB, Ketamine
  • Eating disorders
  • Prescription Medication
  • Sex- & love addiction
  • Intimacy disorder
  • Co-dependency
  • Gambling
  • Over-exercise

Our Offer :

We offer a safe lockdown facility in Blouberg Cape Town. Our treatment is a 42 day cycle comprising of the following :

  • 3 Individual counseling sessions per week
  • Lectures on the various elements of addiction (Medical, neurological and emotional)
  • Meetings in the various anonymous groups including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, EDA, CODA, SLA and GA
  • Weekly community meetings
  • Weekly excursions on Wednesdays as well as Saturdays
  • Volunteer work on Thursdays with the homeless in Cape Town CBD
  • Various therapeutic groups in the week aimed at attacking the denial and equipping clients with all the necessary tools to recover.

Liberty Home focuses on the symptoms of the disease being dishonesty, manipulation, denial and instant gratification to name a few.

We have 24 hour supervision and security and offer a luxurious, homely setting in an upmarket area of Blouberg.

In order for recovery to be possible there are 3 basic requirements (vocation, support & hobbies) that are needed to establish a lasting and wanting need to be clean from the debilitating behaviours that are destroying yourselves or loved ones. Our aim is to help you find all three.

Liberty Home has a doctor, psychiatrist and nutritionist on-hand.

The Team :

Philipp director rehab cape town

Phillip Nell

Director & Addiction Specialist

Phillip has multiple years experience with all addictions. He has worked in drug rehabs in Cape Town and all over South Africa for many years. He has an innate comprehension of addiction and all the symptoms it presents as he overcame long-term heroin use himself. He is compassionate, understanding and invested in the recovery from the slavery of addiction.

“Si vis pacem parabellum” – “If you want peace, prepare for war”

Morgane Owner of rehabilitation centres in cape town

Morgane Vercruysse

Managing Director & House Manager

Morgane has struggled for years with multiple addictions; alcoholism, eating disorder and intimacy disorder. Scared to come out within her own country (Belgium), she came to a Cape Town rehab in South Africa for help. Before the chemical dependency kicked in, she managed to graduate a Business Economics Master at the University of Brussels and coaching Personal Training.
Today she wants to offer help for people that struggle with the same disease from all over the world.
“Everyone deserves help, just reach out.”

Tania counsellor at rehabilitation centres cape town

Tania Jacobs

Recovery Assistant

Tania has been in recovery for nine years and has been working as a recovery assistant for seven years. Her passion for saving lives comes with her story to survive drug addiction in every way possible. Not only is she a recovering drug addict but also in recovery from an eating disorder.

“The love to giving back is the road to recovery”

Employees at rehab cape town

Matheas & Memory

Domestic Workers

Matheas and Memory are a wonderful couple driven by good will and hard work. Together, as a family, they keep the house clean and bring that extra warmth every day. They show us every day how perseverance is practiced in real life, making our sober house in Cape Town all that more homely.

“Do good to everyone, the way you want them to be good to you”



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Liberty home is a drug rehabilitation centre in Cape Town less than one minute’s walk from the pristine Blouberg beachfront. It boasts an array of outdoor activities such as local surf spots, beach walks, world class kite boarding locations as well as spectacular views of our iconic Table Mountain. The choices are endless. We cater for both the ‘adrenaline junkies’, as well as those just looking for a peaceful setting in which to rejuvenate and take an introspective break

Liberty Home

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